How to find out the monetary value of a web page using AHREFS

When we say ‘which web page is worth the most’ what we actually mean is, if you were paying for the keywords that appear on this page in Google PPC, this is approximately how much it would cost per month to run those ads.

Google Search Console provides a fantastic amount of detailed reporting but if you need to know which of your pages is actually worth the most I suggest using AHREFS to find this out.

Why this information is useful? Once you know you have a valuable web page you can try to monetise it if it is not already a ‘money page’.

If the page is an article you have had written and you site is an commerce website you will obviously be linking through to your product page. It is notoriously difficult to rank product pages because of the fact that generally they just aren’t that interesting and many other sellers have more or less the same product page. So websites use content marketing to rank a page that gives real value to the reader and then link through to their product page to give the reader the opportunity to purchase. It is a very non-intrusive marketing technique. You are offering true value with an article and then simply giving the reader the option to buy if they like.
Once you have a good content page that is ranking well, as long as you keep it updated there’s no reason for that page not to provide you with recurring income for months or even years.

OK. here’s how you can find out what your web pages are worth.

  1. Go to AHREFS dashboard. Type in the web address of the website and hit the search button’
AHREFS Dashboard

2. On the left hand vertical menu, click ‘top pages 2.0’

Top pages 2.0 Ahrefs

3. Filter the results by value. This will show the highest value pages first

Filter results by value

4. If you are looking for results for just a particular set of pages on your site, blogs, collection pages, product pages etc. click ‘URL’ where you will be able to add a rule for example here I am just interested in what our blogs are worth so I will add URL contains ‘blog’. Type ‘blog’ where it says ‘enter value’ in grey.

FILTER BY url contains in AHREFS

5. Once again sort this by value and there you have it. You can now see your most valuable blog/article pages. So now you can get monetising this page if you haven’t already.

Sort top pages by value



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