Affiliate Marketing

The best definition of what affiliate marketing is can be found on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:

In the world of affiliate marketing the seller or manufacturer of the product or service is called the merchant. The person who is advertising it for you is called the publisher.

From experience I can tell you that affiliate marketing is extremely powerful and in time can account for a large percentage of your online sales. It takes time to build up a network of publisher so you have to be patient.

The different

Parties involved

The merchant is the seller or the manufacturer of the product or service. The party that wants to increase sales and leads.

The publisher is the advertiser. Examples of publishers would be newspaper websites, cash back sites and niche specific blogs. The idea is that these websites get the warm traffic, they then send that traffic through to a merchant's website and hopefully a sale will be made. The publisher then receives a commission for the sale.

The person buying the product or service.

The network is the framework of the whole process. They onboard suitable and trustworthy merchants and publishers and handle all the payments. They are sort of like PayPal in terms of being a middleman between all parties.

What we will do

We will set up your account with the most suitable network (of which there are many). We will then work with you to find the most suitable publishers and then create the offers and commission rates you decide to make available.