1: Edit the code of the template you are using

2: Under Templates click “Add new template”

3: In the pop-up select product and give it a name, then click “Create template”

Creating new product templates in Shopify

4: In the new template file edit the first section: Change product-template to match your new name. For example: product-consumables-template

5: Copy the name you gave the section. Under the Sections area, click “Add new section” and paste in the name you copied. Then click “Create section”

6: Open the default “product-template.liquid” and copy the contents. Paste the contents into your new section file and Save it.

7: In the new section file do a search or look for “{% schema %}”. You need to change the “name” and “class” of the schema. This will allow your page to have its own settings.

For Example: 

“name”: “Product”, > “name”: “Product | Consumables”,
“class”: “product-template”, > “class”: “product-template product-consumables-template”,

Again save the file.

8: You can now edit the page.



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