E-Commerce SEO Services in Preston

Just as SEO is a speciality within Digital Marketing, optimising eCommerce websites for search engines is a speciality within SEO. Not only should your overall SEO strategy change for eCommerce websites, but technical SEO for online shops is something quite different from the traditional approach.

Do you know your keyword silos from your canonical tags? We do, and we love to apply that knowledge to deliver targeted traffic that converts profitably for your business. We’ve worked with eCommerce clients in dozens of industries – from children’s toy manufacturers to high-end art boutiques – so we have a broad understanding of the requirements and the constraints of SEO for online stores.

With many eCommerce platforms, the sheer volume of products or categories can be prohibitive to search engine optimisation due to the scale of the task. But our wealth of experience in the SEO field has allowed us to develop a system of effectively scaling-up search optimisation across large sites, without losing the attention to detail which is so crucial to SEO performance.

Let’s not forget about the little guys! You don’t need thousands of products to be successful online, as demonstrated by many of our smaller eCommerce SEO clients. Regardless of your size or your vertical, we’ll work in partnership with you to develop an effective SEO strategy with direction and longevity.